International tourism is booming and cocorico, it is our dear country that is first in terms of staff. In fact, 86.9 million was the number of arrivals of foreign travelers in France in 2017 according to the World Tourism Organization. However, vacationers spent the most in the United States!

In 2017, Uncle Sam’s country benefited from tourism spending of $ 210.7 billion, more than the combined total of France and Spain. This represented 24% of the global tourism industry revenue. Trips to the USA are mainly made by air. More than half of the visitors arrive on American territory by plane. This phenomenon is partly accentuated by the increasing frequency of international flights.

The tourism sector has always been considered a fundamental element for the American economy. And although the current government is the cause of a very slight drop in the arrivals of Chinese tourists, due to the current American-Chinese conflict, travelers from the country of the rising sun remain the most numerous vacationers and especially the more spenders.

The United States remains a tourist destination that attracts millions of people each year. However, the latter mostly choose to discover cities that are often very expensive rather than destinations like Alaska, New Mexico or Texas, which are less easy to access. As a result, New York is the preferred destination for foreign tourists, followed by Miami in Florida, Los Angeles in California, Orlando and finally the very pretty San Francisco and its Golden Gate Bridge. The attraction for these American cities and due to the numerous tourist activities that it is possible to carry out on the spot. This phenomenon specifically concerns the Big Apple because the city that never sleeps is served by an increasing number of connections, including low-cost flights.

For member countries of the Waiver Program (VWP) visa, such as France, visit the States and all the more simple. In fact, within the framework of this program, ESTA was created. This compulsory travel authorization is a visa exemption which is necessary to obtain to go on American soil.

If you also want to go on a trip to the USA, do not forget to take out travel or health insurance because in the event of hospitalization, medical costs are very expensive.