Donald Trump had proposed stopping the Green Card lottery

Plusieurs autorisations de voyage sont mises à disposition par les autorités américaines en fonction du type de séjour aux États-Unis : l’ESTA pour les séjours de courte durée encadrés par le Visa Waiver Program, les visas non immigrants et la Green Card comme carte de résident permanent. Chaque année, le gouvernement américain organise une loterie où près de 50 000 cartes de résident permanent sont à gagner.

In his first term as US president, Donald Trump seemed determined to scrap the Green Card lottery.

What is the Green Card

La Green Card est une carte de résidence permanente qui confère à son détenteur quasiment les mêmes droits que le citoyen américain. Les rares exceptions sont le droit de vote et de la représentation en tant que juré. Cette carte permet donc à un ressortissant étranger de s’expatrier aux États-Unis.

There are several reasons for obtaining a Green Card, the main ones being :

The lottery was launched in 1990. It is part of a drive to diversify the American population. The American name for this program is the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Around 100,000 participants are randomly selected each year. Half of them leave with a Green Card in their pocket. Several conditions must be met in order to participate, such as being a national of an authorized country.

Donald Trump and the end of the Green Card lottery

Donald Trump did not want to call into question the principle of the Green Card obtained by sponsorship since the security measures seem to be respected. On the other hand, the Green Card lottery is under fire from critics.

Several attacks committed by US residents thanks to the Green Card

Donald Trump was not the first to criticize the randomness of the Green Card lottery. Following the attacks in Los Angeles in 2002, the lottery was considered an obstacle to internal security when it was revealed that the attacker was living in the United States on the basis of his wife’s diversity visa. This idea was reinforced with the attacks of Manhattan in 2017 since the author had won his permanent resident card by the Green Card lottery. Donald Trump had already declared that he wanted to replace the random system with a system based on merit.

Will Donald Trump or another president end the Green Card lottery?

In his first term, Donald Trump was unable to challenge the existence of a lottery to award Green Cards each year. The decision to stop the Green Card lottery does not rest with the President of the USA. Since this method of production has been approved by Congress, only Congress can put a stop to it.

Several bills have been introduced in Congress to stop the Green Card lottery in the past. To date, no new law has called into question the smooth running of the América lottery.