ESTA Travel Authorization for Canada

The United States and Canada are two great states that complement each other in terms of economic development and tourism. Many trips are made between these two countries. However, the U.S. requires ESTA travel authorization from Canadians and foreign freight forwarders. Similarly, Canada has introduced an eTA Canada Electronic Travel Authorization, to be obtained prior to entering Canadian territory.

Who needs ESTA authorization?

The ESTA travel authorization must be requested before planning a trip to the USA. You can visit museums, national parks or sample American cuisine. Individuals of all ages in an ESTA-accredited country must apply for ESTA travel authorization. It is only required for air and sea transport. The ESTA application must be made on specialized sites, and travelers are advised to complete the process three days before departure at the latest, to receive a reply in good time. Children under eight months of age are not subject to the formality. Please note that some passports, such as temporary or emergency passports, are not eligible for ESTA authorization.

Do I need an ESTA to enter the USA from Canada?

ESTA authorization is required for travel to the United States from Canada. Please note that the ESTA is only required for stopovers on planes and cruises. Canadians now also need an ESTA to cross the border by land. The travel authorization only allows boarding, and in no way guarantees admission to American soil. Only the port or airport authorities make that decision upon your arrival.

When do you need ESTA to travel from Canada?

Before boarding a plane or ship bound for the U.S., customs officials and transport company boarding services must carry out paperwork checks. The ESTA travel authorization is one of the required documents. The ESTA authorization number is normally sufficient for checks. Sometimes, however, the computer system has problems. We strongly recommend that you print out your ESTA. From Canada, ESTA authorization is required to travel to the United States. It will be systematically requested at the border post.