How do I obtain ESTA travel authorization?

If you’re planning to visit one of the American countries for a short stay, you should know that a visa is not required, and that an ESTA certificate will suffice, given the purpose and duration of your trip.

What is the ESTA application?

The ESTA document is a permit issued by the U.S. government to access U.S. territories. It is issued to individuals whose reasons for passing through are business or pleasure trips, and if the duration does not exceed 3 months. It must be presented at embarkation and disembarkation at the same time as the passport.

What are the ESTA formalities?

Three days before you plan to board your plane, you’ll need to fill in an ESTA form, which you can find on the Internet, either on the official website or via professional sites. Next, you’ll need to pay the application fee (between 60 and 99 euros on sites with French-language assistance) along with your completed form. We’ll get back to you within 72 hours.

As a general rule, you will receive a reply within the first hour, but it is possible that your request will be put on hold for further evaluation, in which case you will receive a reply no later than 72 hours after submission.

What can I do with ESTA?

ESTA authorization is valid for two years. You can use this permit for multiple entries on American soil (to visit the many sites or sample American cuisine), provided that the circumstances of your trip fall within the terms of the attestation (the stay does not exceed 90 days on American territory for each visit).

In this case, just change the flight coordinates. If you have changed your passport, this document is no longer valid, even if the two-year period has not expired. You must therefore apply for a new ESTA.

What to do if your ESTA is refused?

Without ESTA authorization, you cannot board a flight to the United States. If your ESTA is refused, you must apply for a full U.S. visa. It is also possible to renew your ESTA application, but only ten days after receiving a negative response.