Do you want to visit Colorado, California, Pennsylvania, Arizona or even Hawaii? The country is full of national parks , museums and sublime landscapes. As a major economic power, the United States embodies the dream for a large number of people, but the United States government is also known for being strict regarding the entry of travelers into its territory and internal security. It is true that the conditions to be respected to be able to travel to the United States with a visa are more strict compared to an ESTA request , but it also allows to be able to stay longer, and especially to be able to live and work on site, immerse yourself in the culture and master American good manners , which is not the case with ESTA authorization (the visa waiver program, which allows, for its part, to travel, transit for a period of 3 months maximum to a long list of participating countries). If, you have the plan to settle for a fixed period in the USA and you need a non-immigrant visa for that, you are at the right place!

We are revealing to you all the conditions for obtaining a visa for the United States in order to make it as easy as possible for you, this process which can scare you at first.


As mentioned above, applying for a visa to go to the USA for a long stay requires respecting certain conditions, just like applying for ESTA . Indeed, a visa application allows you to stay, work, do an internship, studies on the American territory over a longer period.

For each situation, there is a specific visa. For example, to work locally, you must apply for a B-1 visa, to reside and visit the United States for as long as you wish, you will need to apply for the B-2 visa, for an internship on H-3 and for studies the F-1. Ask specifically about the visa you want to get. To do this, you can consult the website of the embassy or that of the US Department of State .

For all visa applications, you must have the following documents:

Indeed, it is very important to prove in the United States that you do not intend to settle permanently in their country, but that you are simply passing through, at the risk that your application for a non-immigrant visa will be refused. To prove it, you can present certain documents which show that you still have links with your country of origin: car papers, proof of address, a certificate from an educational establishment, an employment contract or others. documents that you find useful.

If all these conditions for obtaining the visa for the USA are respected, you just have to request the document. The American dream is waiting for you! Details of the process in the following paragraph.


Do you meet all the conditions for a stay in the United States and to be able to apply for a USA visa? Do you want to know how to get your visa?

Take the example of a person wishing to apply for a B-1 or B-2 visa. In order to start a request, you must:

As a reminder: the non-immigrant visa can be requested in the case of a temporary and not permanent stay, the period of validity of the document varies depending on the type of visa requested.

In case of refusal of tourist visa, you can submit a new file. Otherwise, to travel without a visa, complete the ESTA application form .

If your visa expires, the holder must make a new request or return to his country of origin, a visa delivered once does not mean that a second will be issued.

We are coming to the end of this article on the conditions for obtaining the USA visa; If other questions remain concerning your future departure for American soil, do not hesitate to contact the assistance service of our partner who can advise you and answer your questions.