ESTA request on the internet

ESTA is an electronic travel authorization system. This is a method reserved for nationals of countries benefiting from the program exempting them from visas for the United States. This amounts to saying that to go to the United States, these travelers need only submit an ESTA request . This may exempt them from having to apply for a visa.

How do I request an ESTA before traveling?

ESTA travel authorization is required for nationals of the exemption program . And this, since January 2009. The citizens of these privileged countries have the obligation to obtain a prior approval in order to board a plane or a boat bound for the United States. For an ESTA request, you must indicate that the duration of your stay will not exceed three months (exactly 90 days).

ESTA sites specialized for foreign nationals

You can submit your ESTA declaration request from the site at the bottom of the page. During registration, you must provide correct information if you wish to obtain your travel authorization request. You will also have to communicate your identity and provide all possible information about your trip. In addition, you will be asked other questions regarding your admission to the USA. There is a charge on top of the ESTA base price of $ 14 , because you receive assistance. Once your request has been sent, an automatic response will be sent to you.

Possible responses to your ESTA request

Following the submission of your ESTA application, three responses can be received. 1. Travel authorization is granted to you. This means that you can travel to the United States for a period of 2 years from the date of obtaining it. 2. The travel authorization is pending.

This means that a final response will be sent to you within 72 hours. The authorities take the time to study your request in more detail. This will undoubtedly be analyzed by a natural person.

3. The last answer is an unauthorized trip. To be able to go to the United States, you must then file an application for a temporary residence visa with a US embassy or reiterate your application ten days later if the reason for the refusal comes from errors made during the filling of the form.