Following the numerous problems of illegal immigration, (recently with the caravans of migrants from Honduras), the President of the United States asked for a wall of 5 billion dollars on the Mexican border. This request for funding put the American government in disagreement and created a “government shutdown”, the closure of federal administrations, likely to last until January.


“The drones and everything else is wonderful and very funny, but what works is a good old wall” publishes the American president.

To fight against illegal immigrants, Donald Trump wants to obtain the construction of a $ 5 billion wall, a request that has divided the government.

“The only way to stop gangs, drugs, human trafficking and a lot of other things that are happening in our country is a wall or a barrier,” said Donald Trump. But the Democratic Party has shown its opposition to this project.

Due to lack of funds, many government departments have closed, leaving almost 800,000 public servants on leave without pay, or for essential services, forced to work without pay on monthly installments.

The president of the Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer, addressed the president of the United States by expressing “If you want to open the government, abandon the wall, purely and simply”.


After the failure of the first negotiation in Congress, the Director of the Budget of the White House, Mick Mulvaney, ensures that it is possible that the shutdown will go until January 3, date of the new Congress.

The shutdown of the American federal administrations has a huge impact on the daily life of Americans as well as on the many tourists going to American soil for the holiday season. If you plan to request an ESTA to travel to the USA, check the impact of the shutdown on your program beforehand.

Indeed, the closure of administrations affects important parties such as Homeland Security, the federal police, transport, the Treasury or the Interior, which coordinates national parks (such as the Grand Canyon). Sites like the White House visitor center were closed.

Fortunately, the Statue of Liberty remains open thanks to the funding of its operations by the State of New York.

Caused by the cessation of government activities and the prospect of an economic slowdown in the USA, the New York Stock Exchange recorded its worst weekly fall since 2008.

In 2013, the budget freeze lasted 16 days and cost the U.S. economy $ 24 billion.